Steve Paxton

Steve Paxton

Steve Paxton has been a photographer for over fifteen years and currently lives with his family in the Seattle area. Steve is a crime scene photographer/investigator for a police department and enjoys running a photography business in his spare time. Although his photography business focuses on weddings and portraits, he loves the solitude of landscape photography. Steve's blog ( regularly features new photography tips and guides. You can find Steve's portrait and wedding work over at

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A Refresher on Image Previews

January 17 2009

It’s easy to develop a routine of doing something the same way over and over again without considering how effective it is. Using Lightroom is definitely no exception. How you choose to handle initial previews has a direct impact on... read more

Blend with Lightroom Enfuse

December 25 2008

Earlier this month I described several techniques I use for capturing multiple exposures that can be merged to create a single High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI). I also discussed HDRsoft’s new Photomatix plug-in for Lightroom. You can catch entire blog... read more

Lightroom Export Plug-in for Photomatix

December 10 2008

One of my favorite programs for creating HDR images is Photomatix. Until just recently, there wasn't an easy way for Lightroom users to jump directly into Photomatix. In October, HDRsoft solved this problem by releasing a brand new plug-in that allows you to open images in Photomatix directly from Lightroom.… read more

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