Eric Ries

Eric Ries

Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Business , published by Crown Business. He graduated in 2001 from Yale University with a B.S. in Computer Science. While an undergraduate, he co-founded Catalyst Recruiting. Ries continued his entrepreneurial career as a Senior Software Engineer at, leading efforts in agile software development and user-generated content. He later co-founded and served as CTO of IMVU, his third startup. In 2007, BusinessWeek named Ries one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech. In 2008 he served as a venture advisor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers before moving on to advise startups independently. Today he serves on the board of directors for Code for America and on the advisory board of a number of technology startups and venture capital firms. In 2009, Ries was honored with a TechFellow award in the category of Engineering Leadership. In 2010, he was named entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School and is currently an IDEO Fellow. The Lean Startup methodology has been written about in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., Wired, Fast Company, and countless blogs. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Tara.

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Is your product an Ice Cream Glove or a Snuggie?

September 02 2009

At each of the lean startup master classes, we’ve turned to a special expert on entrepreneurship to provide us with special insight;  Ali G teaches us about two enduring kinds of failed products: the Ice Cream Glove and the Hoverboard. A segment of his show is below (warning: brief uses… read more

Continuous deployment in 5 easy steps

March 31 2009

One of the lean startup techniques I’ll be discussing at this week’s session at the Web 2.0 Expo is called continuous deployment. It’s a process whereby all code that is written for an application is immediately deployed into production. The result is a dramatic lowering of cycle time and freeing… read more

How to build companies that matter

March 20 2009

Eric Ries became a Venture Advisor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, after co-founding and serving as Chief Technology Officer of IMVU, his third startup. He is the author of the blog Lessons Learned and co-author of several books including The Black Art of Java Game Programming (Waite Group Press,… read more

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Webcast: Lean Analytics 201: Five Lessons Beyond the Basics
August 06, 2013
In this webcast, authors Ben Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll take you deeper down the Lean Analytics rabbit hole. You'll learn about: using the data you already have to find new ideas to test, how to pick the right experiments, the role of subversiveness...

Webcast: The Art of Lean Testing
August 14, 2013
While running experiments is a key activity in a Lean Startup, running effective experiments that lead to breakthrough insights is still considered more art than science. In this webcast talk, Ash Maurya will teach you how to use a systems approach to...

Webcast: Live Q&A with Eric Ries and Laura Klein
October 18, 2013
In this exclusive Q&A session with Eric Ries, entrepreneur and creator of the Lean Startup methodology and Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups, they will be taking your Lean Startup and entrepreneurial questions live.

Webcast: Better Product Definition with Lean UX and Design Thinking
July 09, 2013
In this webcast, Jeff Gothelf author of Lean UX, will provide an overview of how to apply the ideas behind Lean UX and Design Thinking to project definition and planning.

Webcast: How to Build a Lean Startup, step-by-step
May 01, 2009
Get started with a detailed guide to three key lean startup techniques: continuous deployment, rapid split-testing, and root cause analysis (five why's). This webcast will cover the theory of how lean startups work, implementation details, and case studies...

Webcast: The Lean Series: Fireside chat with Eric Ries and Ash Maurya
April 26, 2012
Find out how you can use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses and successful product launches.

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