Mark Drapeau

Mark Drapeau

Dr. Mark Drapeau is Co-Chair of the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase and the Gov 2.0 Expo in May 2010. He is a research fellow at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy in Washington, DC. Mark is also a contributing columnist for Federal Computer Week, where he writes about emerging media technologies for a government audience; in addition, he writes satire and opinion for True/Slant. Mark is also a co-founder of Government 2.0 Club, an international platform for sharing knowledge about the intersection between technology and governance. And, in the spirit of openness and transparency, he is an avid mindcaster on Twitter.

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What does Government 2.0 look like?

May 24 2010

If you can't draw a picture, you don't understand the system you're trying to explain. Toward that end, Mark Drapeau breaks down his vision of Government 2.0 into easy-to-understand visual components. read more

The three phases of Government 2.0

May 10 2010

Gov 2.0 has already moved through three important phases. As we gear up for Gov 2.0 Expo, here's a recap of the movement's past growth and a look ahead to its future shifts. read more

What Company Will Be the eHarmony of Microblogging?

January 05 2010

A New York Times article by David Carr rehashing common knowledge on "why Twitter will endure" got me thinking about the ways in which it will not endure, or the ways in which it may endure via which no one will really care about it. So, what does it mean… read more

What Would Always-On-The-Record Government Look Like?

December 26 2009

Recently, I wrote a post about Government 2.0 predictions for 2010-12, and one of them was that government would "always be on-the-record." By that I meant that the combination of (1) the proliferation of tech-savvy citizens with mobile camera/video devices, (2) the prevalence of wi-fi or other Web connections, (3)… read more

Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12

December 15 2009

Under no pressure from anyone, I’ve forced this obligatory “end of year predictions” post upon myself. People always ask me where I think Government 2.0 is going anyway, I may as well get some writing mileage out of it, right? So, here are some non-exhaustive, somewhat creative, and entirely debatable… read more

Watching the Retweeted Get Retweeted-er: Power User Secret Retweetist Love

November 22 2009

When Twitter decided to slowly roll out a new, official retweeting feature, people waited in anticipation. When they let their users know what it might look like, people debated whether that was the right way to deploy it. When it actually became available, people almost universally disliked it. But my… read more

What Does Innovative Social Engagement Look Like For Businesses and Governments?

November 17 2009

I've been thinking about the topic of Government 2.0 a lot lately. Part of this topic deals with the multi-directional engagement between government and citizens. This is what the White House and others have termed a more transparent, collaborative, and participatory government. Unfortunately, the engagement for the most part is… read more

Quarantined Conferences: Claustrophobic Technophiles or Attentive Audiences?

November 11 2009

Loren Feldman. 1938 Media. Audience Conference. That’s about as much of a summary as you’ll find about the Audience Conference held in New York last Friday. That’s because there were no open laptops allowed during the performances. There was also no Wi-Fi, no video streaming, no tweeting, and no blogging.… read more

The Emerging Twitter List Arms Race

October 30 2009

I use Twitter a lot, but I was not among the very first to see the new Lists feature. I can now, though. And what I find much more interesting than actually using the feature myself is the fact that I woke up this morning to find that I was… read more

Why Posterous Is a Smart Tool For Informal Government Blogging

October 19 2009

For a few weeks, I've been testing a tool called Posterous, and I've come to like it a lot. You can see my account here. If you're not familiar with Posterous, it is essentially a very simple blogging platform. It may in fact be the most simple one; yet it… read more

Social Networking is the Means to Achieve Workplace Collaboration

October 15 2009

Yesterday I live-blogged a bit from the terrific Government 2.0 event produced by at the Newseum in Washington, DC. I wrote a post about how collaboration was not the means, but rather an end made possible by the means of social networking tools. You can read my original writing… read more

Government Ambassadors For Citizen Engagement

October 13 2009

To the average person, government is represented by an anonymous person on the other end of the phone, a pile of mandatory paperwork, and perhaps at best a friendly neighborhood postal carrier. If you ask the average American not living inside the Beltway to name a single individual who works… read more

Fallacious Celebrations of Facebook Fans

September 16 2009

Publishing "top 10" lists is unfortunately a staple of modern journalism. But alas, writers must drive readers' eyeballs, even when discussing serious topics like the government. And so we find a new list that mixes Web 2.0 with the government: "Top 10 agencies with the most Facebook fans." For the… read more

The Government Blocks Twitter No It Doesn't

July 27 2009

In a recent CSPAN interview, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs noted that, “for some reason, Twitter is blocked on White House computers,” which created a minor frenzy among tech-savvy journalists ranging from UPI to The Hill. Later, news upstart Mediaite uncovered that the New Media team in the Old Executive… read more

Bantamweight Publishing in an Easily Plagiarised World

July 15 2009

Even professional writers are prone to infrequent accidental plagiarism. But in the world of novels, newspapers, and college exams, there are rules about bootlegging others’ work that are well-established - most everyone agrees on what behaviors are unacceptable and what the consequences are. In bantamweight publishing, however, the rules are… read more

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bot

July 07 2009

Web technologies often allow you to scale things that weren't scalable before. Unfortunately, that list of scalable things includes spam. From unsolicited phone calls to unwanted emails to unnecessary tweets, it can seem like we're getting progressively overloaded with information we don't necessarily want. One group blamed for the increase… read more

Twitter is Not a Conversational Platform

June 09 2009

Perhaps the most common reason given for joining the microsharing site Twitter is "participating in the conversation" or some version of that. I myself am guilty of using this explanation. But is Twitter truly a conversational platform? Here I argue that the underlying mechanics of Twitter more closely resemble the… read more

Geeks Invade Government With Audacious Goals

May 27 2009

Guest blogger Mark Drapeau is the Co-Chair of the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase in Sept 2009 and the Gov 2.0 Expo in May 2010, both in Washington, DC. He holds the title of Associate Research Fellow at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University,… read more

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