Savas Parastatidis

Savas Parastatidis

  • @savasp

Kirkland, Washington

Areas of Expertise:

  • Web
  • distributed computing
  • cloud computing
  • web services
  • REST
  • high-performance computing
  • parallel computing
  • e-science
  • research
  • programming
Savas Parastatidis is a Software Engineer at Facebook. Previously he was the architect of the cloud platform behind Cortana, Microsoft's personal digital assistant. While at Microsoft, he worked as an architect and developer at various projects, from Xbox One to Big Data processing in the Cloud Computing, Stream Processing, Scientific Computing, and more. Prior to joining Microsoft, Savas was a Principal Research Associate at Newcastle University where he undertook research in the areas of distributed, service-oriented computing and e-Science. He was also the Chief Software Architect at the North-East Regional e-Science Centre where he oversaw the architecture and the application of Web Services technologies for a number of large research projects. Savas also worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Hewlett Packard where he co-lead the R&D effort for the industry's Web Service transactions service and protocol. Savas' web corner (including his blog) can be found at and his twitter stream

REST in Practice REST in Practice
by Savas Parastatidis, Ian Robinson, Jim Webber
September 2010
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $37.99

Savas blogs at:

"I suggest this reading to all that are interested in the REST architecture or in the development of web services in general."
--Andrea Polci, Lugano Java User Group