Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.

Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.

CIO of O'Reilly Media

For over 19 years, Dr. Jonathan Reichental has been helping organizations across the world leverage the value of information and communications technology to solve business problems, increase effectiveness, and support revenue growth opportunities. He spent over a decade at a Big 4 consulting firm focusing on IT strategy and innovation, delivering specific expertise in emerging technologies and the impact of macro trends such as demography on organizational success.

As CIO of O'Reilly Media, he is leading an IT transformation that will innovate around how technology is delivered internally to the organization and how it can enable growth in industries that are changing rapidly.

Dr. Reichental is also a highly sought-after public speaker and presents on a range of subjects. He is interviewed often and has been featured in CIO magazine, InformationWeek and Computerworld. His TV appearances include a segment on CNBC. 
You can follow him on the O'Reilly Media IT transformation journey through Twitter via @reichental.

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You share something, you get something back: How the web is redefining privacy

October 14 2011

Combining a mix of freely available public domain information and our own sharing behaviors on the web clearly suggests that we must redefine our view of privacy. read more

Spoiler alert: The mouse dies. Touch and gesture take center stage

September 28 2011

As touch and gesture evolve from novelty to default, we must rethink how we build software, implement hardware, and design interfaces. read more

Spoiler alert: The mouse dies. Touch and gesture take center stage

September 28 2011

As touch and gesture evolve from novelty to default, we must rethink how we build software, implement hardware, and design interfaces. read more

With IT leadership, the "how" is as important as the "what"

August 24 2011

A strong IT strategy reconciles predictability with innovation. It will seldom fly to just have or the other — both are required, and they must feed off each other. read more

Google Plus defines an era of disruption at a moment's notice

August 01 2011

When an entrant quickly yields considerable power in an existing market, and elicits potential for rapid innovation, this is what Jonathan Reichental calls the "G+ effect." read more

Will your business survive the digital revolution?

June 01 2011

Once we recognize the magnitude of change that digital innovation is causing and may bring in the months and years ahead, it will help us to think bigger and to think in ways that may previously have seemed absurd. read more

The future of technology and its impact on work

May 16 2011

In this presentation, O'Reilly CIO Jonathan Reichental discusses a range of future technology trends and what it will mean for work and the workforce. read more

Why the cloud may finally end the reign of the work computer

April 20 2011

Cloud computing could reduce asset management costs by allowing more employees to use their own equipment in the workplace. read more

5 reasons why we still don't have invisibility cloaks

April 06 2011

The rate of technology adoption at enterprises limits new innovation that can be introduced by technology providers. Were this not the case, I imagine we may already have pervasive teleportation and invisibility cloaks at our disposal. read more

Process management blurs the line between IT and business

March 29 2011

Technology forces organizations to better understand and agree on processes — and that's often well before the subject of supporting technology is even relevant to the conversation. read more

Knowledge management in the age of social media

March 16 2011

The shift to the adoption of social computing, somewhat driven by consumerization, points to one emergent observation: the future is about managing unstructured content. read more

Seldom a love story: IT and end users

March 09 2011

IT governance can work as a process at the leadership level, but it will fail when the IT team doesn't have the understanding and the language of the process to support it as it manifests downstream. read more

3 essential skills for IT professionals

March 02 2011

We're guaranteed that the needs of the IT jobs marketplace will continue to change, but if each of us is ready to acquire new skills, a career in IT will remain one of the most lucrative and exciting of the professions. read more

Interim report card on O'Reilly's IT transformation

February 23 2011

Implementing O'Reilly's new IT strategy is like swapping out airplane wings mid-flight. We're making considerable change, but at the same time we can't disrupt the services and projects that are already underway. read more

Mind-blowing, world-changing technology by the numbers

February 16 2011

This is a golden age of technology. Almost anyone with modest technology such as an internet connection or a mobile phone can have an impact on the world. This video is just a small slice of the staggering numbers and impact of technology that we witness today. read more

The impact of IT decisions on organizational culture

February 09 2011

While I believe we recognize the limiting qualities of IT decisions, I'd suggest we've insufficiently studied the degree to which those decisions in aggregate can have a large influence on organizational culture. read more

Mobile in the enterprise changes everything

January 26 2011

Mobile is a game-changer. Unlike many other emerging technologies where an immediate strategy is not a concern, mobile is front and center now to your users and customers. read more

3 types of IT leaders: maverick, innovator, guarantor

January 19 2011

It can often appear there is only one type of person leading IT. That's not the case. Understanding an IT leader's motivations and needs will ultimately benefit all involved. read more

Why is IT governance so difficult to implement?

January 11 2011

IT governance requires that the scarce resource of technology capacity be diligently distributed to meet collective, organizational goals. read more

Can good IT managers make great business leaders?

January 04 2011

Being a good IT manager is hard. Being a great business leader is harder. What separates them is not just the ability to continually and uniquely inspire, but to also be a well-informed and skilled business manager. read more

The 2010 technology of the year is ...

December 21 2010

Jonathan Reichental's 2010 technology of the year is notable not just for what accomplished in the previous year, but also because of its considerable potential. read more

My top 5 predictions for CIOs in 2011

December 15 2010

As we look to 2011, the enlightened CIO must go after the most valuable projects and be a trusted adviser to those who commit dollars to organizational goals. read more

Taking stock of my 2010 tech predictions

December 08 2010

In January 2010, I published a list of my technology predictions for the year ahead. While I hit a few right on, I certainly over-estimated the rate of change. read more

Cloud computing's fear factor: Acknowledge, reduce, move on

December 01 2010

A combination of negative messages and concerns about readiness have made cloud computing the most feared of the big technology innovations. There are legitimate reasons to approach the cloud with care, but we should not be consumed by irrational fear. read more

The four pillars of O'Reilly's IT strategy

November 23 2010

O'Reilly's new IT strategy had to consider the company's culture of innovation while introducing the right level of predictability. Too much unmanaged innovation or codified predictability would limit our ability to grow and be a recipe for IT failure. read more

The CIO's golden rule of management

November 17 2010

We make decisions with data and we measure performance with metrics. It's letting the data and metrics -- the evidence -- tell the story and then taking some form of action on it. read more

Being CIO: 5 tips for surviving the first 90 days

November 10 2010

The amount and methods in which you initially make progress will be indicative of your pace and style. Getting it right can ensure you are in sync with the business. Being too slow or too fast has considerable inherent risk. read more

5 cloud computing conundrums

November 03 2010

While every business needs to consider public cloud computing in the context of its own needs and risk profile, I've identified a sample of puzzles that most CIOs will likely need to address. read more

Can predictability and IT innovation coexist?

October 25 2010

Predictability and innovation: It's the combination every IT leader needs to consider. Organizations that can reconcile these agendas have positive and measurable results, while those that can't often see lower levels of innovation. read more

IT transformations must begin with hearts and minds

October 11 2010

IT transformation must be managed in a deliberate manner. Heavy lifting is essential, but it should not be the first thing that gets done. Radical change must start with the CIO and his or her managers engaging in collaborative discussions across the business. read more

CIO: Chief Inspiration Officer?

October 05 2010

Inspiring staff through a tech strategy is one of the lowest costs, yet most effective activities a CIO can do. A vision that produces positive results reminds everyone why we do this work. read more

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Webcast: Skills to succeed in a complex technology job market
July 15, 2011
In this webcast, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO of O'Reilly Media, discusses the changing nature of the technology job market. He will provide practical guidance for those entering the technology job market for the first time as well as for experienced...