Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby

Mobile web expert, trainer, author and speaker

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Portland, Oregon

Areas of Expertise:

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After spending over a decade as a desktop web developer, Jason joined forces with the three smartest people he knew and started Cloud Four. Since co-founding Cloud Four, he has had the good fortune to work on many fantastic projects including the Obama '08 iPhone App.

He is founder and President of Mobile Portland, a non profit dedicated to promotion and education of the mobile community in Portland, Oregon. Jason is a sought after speaker and consultant on mobile technology.

You can find him blogging at http://cloudfour.com, his personal site http://userfirstweb.com and on Twitter as @grigs. Jason's expertise includes information architecture, usability, and emerging technology like social media. He has been a featured speaker at various organizations on topics ranging from web analytics to web site performance.

Head First Mobile Web Head First Mobile Web
by Lyza Danger Gardner, Jason Grigsby
December 2011

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Jason blogs at:

iPod program helps school test scores

September 14 2010

An iPod pilot program in an Oregon classroom lifted math and reading scores. Results from that single pilot inspired the Canby School District to provide iPod Touch access to all its third graders. read more

Mobile operating systems and browsers are headed in opposite directions

May 17 2010

It's striking to see the different trajectories mobile operating systems are on when compared to the mobile web. The OS landscape is fragmenting as mobile browsers consolidate around WebKit. read more

Who is the iPad for?

April 08 2010

Jason Grigsby says that despite claims by many techies that the iPad is targeted at those who need a simpler computer, Apple itself has never made that argument. read more

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April 03, 2012
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"A great reference if you are considering adapting your Web site for your users’ phones and tablets, creating mobile Web apps that use offline mode and geolocation, and making your sites future friendly."
--Rhonda Lunemann, Technical Communication, Volume 59, Number 4, November 2012