Todd Sattersten

Todd Sattersten

Business Books and the Business of Books

Portland, Oregon

Todd runs a company called BizBookLab that identifies, develops, and launches business books around the world. Todd started his career at General Electric and also spent time with 1-800-CEO-READ where he ultimately worked his way up to the role of president. He is the co-author of "The 100 Best Business Books of All Time." At BizBookLab he helps authors develop book proposals as a coach/agent.

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Dangerous ideas from the world of startups

March 26 2013

Dustin Kurtz, marketing manager at Melville House, wrote a piece last week about the incursion of startup vocabulary in the world of book publishing. He says: [N]ow the models and the metaphors of the tech industry are, full-throatedly, without embarrassment, being used … read more

The paperless book

November 30 2011

The publishing world needs some new language that describes what happens and, more importantly, what is possible when the words are separated from the paper. read more

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Webcast: Every Book is a Startup
September 07, 2011
This webcast we will talk about the first two chapters Black Swans, Long Tails, and Big Dreams and Help The Heroes as well as preview the concepts from the next two chapter release coming in October.