Simon Monk

Simon Monk

Open Source Hardware, author, trainer

Manchester, England

Areas of Expertise:

  • Arduino
  • Android
  • Electronics
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Dr. Simon Monk has a degree in Cybernetics and Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering. Simon spent several years as an academic before he returned to industry, co-founding the mobile software company Momote Ltd. He has been an active electronics hobbyist since his early teens. Simon is now a full time author and his books include 'Getting Started with IOIO', '30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius', '15 Dangerously Mad Projects for the Evil Genius' and 'Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius'.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Raspberry Pi Cookbook
by Simon Monk
December 2013
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer
by Simon Monk
May 2012
Print: $14.99
Ebook: $11.99

Making Android Accessories with IOIO Making Android Accessories with IOIO
by Simon Monk
February 2012
Print: $6.99
Ebook: $4.99

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos
by Simon Monk
December 2013
Video: $59.99

Webcast: Raspberry Pi - Uses and Projects
November 19, 2013
The Raspberry Pi single board computer has become immensely popular with nearly two million boards sold. Its diminutive size and the fact that it is a bare circuit board rather than a boxed computer creates some confusion as to what exactly it is ...

Webcast: Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer
November 08, 2012
If you like making things, then you will love .NET Gadgeteer. You can create many interesting projects by just plugging together components and writing a few lines of programming code. In this hands-on webcast presented by Simon Monk, author...

"An excellent introduction to a powerful open source microcontroller platform."
--Ira Laefsky,

"Dr. Simon Monk, a prominent author on Electronics and on the Arduino environment has done a most credible job in explicating the powerful .Net Gadgeteer system. "
--Ira Laefsky,