Jack Moffitt

Jack Moffitt is a hacker and entrepreneur based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has founded several startups built on XMPP technology including Chesspark, a real-time, multi-user gaming platform, and Collecta, a real-time search engine for the Web.

He has started and contributed to numerous XMPP related open source and free software projects including the Strophe XMPP client libraries, the Punjab XMPP connection manager, the Palaver multi-user chat component, the Speeqe group chat application. He also has served several terms on both the XSF Board of Directors and the XSF Council. Previous to his XMPP work, he created the Icecast streaming media server, managed the Ogg, Vorbis, and Theora codec projects, and co-founded the Xiph.org Foundation, a standards organization for royalty-free multimedia technologies for the Internet.

He is passionate about free software and open source, open standards, and Internet technology. His favorite programming languages include JavaScript, Erlang, and Python. You can find him at metajack.im, blogging about start-ups and code, as @metajack on Twitter and Identica, or often spreading the word of XMPP at technology conferences.

Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Frederic Daoud, Jack Moffitt
December 2013
Print: $38.00