Sam Newman

Cloud, Microservices and Continuous Delivery

Sydney, Australia

Sam Newman is a technologist at ThoughtWorks, where he currently splits his time helping clients globally and working as an architect for ThoughtWorks' own internal systems. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world, and another in the IT operations space. If you asked him what he does, he'd say "I work with people to build better software systems". He has written articles, presented at conferences, and sporadically commits to open source projects. He is currently writing a book, Building Microservices, which should be available in early 2015.

Building Microservices Building Microservices
by Sam Newman
February 2015
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $42.99

The Principles of Microservices The Principles of Microservices
by Sam Newman
August 2015
Video: $69.99