Mikio Braun

Mikio Braun

Berlin, Germany

Areas of Expertise:

  • machine learning
  • data science
  • big data
  • speaking
  • writing

Mikio Braun is co-founder of Streamdrill, a startup focused on approximative approaches for real real-time big data. He holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and has worked in research for a number of years, before becoming interested in putting research results into good use in the industry. His current interests focus on anything to do with real-time data analysis, in particular using approximative approaches beyond scaling.

Webcast: Data Analysis on Streams
June 12, 2014
In this webcast, Mikio Braun will discuss building reliable and efficient solutions for real-time data analysis, including approaches that rely on scaling--both batch-oriented (such as MapReduce), and stream-oriented (such as Apache Storm and Apache ...