Lois  Kelly

Lois Kelly

Helping creative change makers, aka good rebels, thrive at work.

Providence, Rhode Island

Areas of Expertise:

  • Future of work Change: leading/managing Corporate Culture Strategic Communications Marketing
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
Lois Kelly has been a creative rebel throughout her career, helping some of the most respected companies in the world create new ways to launch products, communicate complicated issues, deal with crises, go public, adopt innovative business practices, and occasionally try to move mountains. During this journey, Lois became a student of change, learning what it takes to get people to embrace new ideas. Her cause is helping creative, passionate types thrive at work. Her obsession is creating clarity from complexity. She is the co-author of “Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within” with Carmen Medina (O’Reilly Media, November 2014) and author of the award-winning “Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation Word of Mouth Marketing” (AMACOM, 2007). Lois lives in Rhode Island, the smallest and most creative state in the United States. You can find more at @LoisKelly, @RebelsatWork, http://rebelsatwork.com/, and http://www.slideshare.net/Foghound, http://www.foghound.com/,

Rebels at Work Rebels at Work
by Lois Kelly, Carmen Medina
November 2014
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $25.99

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Stop the worrying: manage your boss

2015-03-06 09:15:03

“What’s your biggest obstacle when you try to introduce new ideas or improve things at work?” That’s one of our favorite questions to ask people who come to our  Rebels at Work talks and workshops. The number one obstacle: My Boss. (The second is fear.) So what do you do if you’re championing a new […]

Like a rebel boss

2015-02-17 19:15:02

My son is about to turn 20 and I’m so proud of him. Prouder still of me. I didn’t throw sharp objects, nag incessantly, take away privileges, drone on about accountability and responsibility, or yell and scream like a raving maniac during those teen years. (Well, except for that one freak out. More on that […]

Why Bosses Say No

2015-02-12 11:15:02

“There’s no money in the budget for that” is the most common management response to new ideas. The more creative or risky the idea, the quicker our bosses’ “Sorry, no budget” reflexes. We walk away thinking, “Well there’s no sense on pushing that idea forward. There’s no money to fund it.” But here’s an important […]

Whose responsibility is Debbie’s mother?

2015-01-28 09:15:03

Debbie’s mother has called me 32 times over the past three days. She started calling on Monday night when the storm kicked in. The storm wound down last night, not as bad as predicted. But Debbie’s mother keeps calling. Six times this morning. Debbie’s mother has the wrong number. I am not Debbie. I explained […]

Webcast: Rebels with a Cause: Creating Positive Change at Work
February 18, 2015
In this webcast you will learn how to rock the boat at work and create positive change, without hurting your reputation (or losing your job).