Carmen Medina

Carmen Medina

Since her retirement from the CIA in 2010, Carmen has led two new careers. One with Deloitte Consulting and the other as a curator, connector, and synthesizer on social networks. At Deloitte, she continues to support the Intelligence Community on issues such as social networking and future trends, and mentors Deloitte’s consultants about how to become innovative and independent thinkers. (She prefers to think of it as being their Yoda).

She tweets regularly under the handle @milouness (She started on Twitter while still at CIA so chose an obscure user name; she has 2,504 followers.) She also writes regularly both on her own blog,, and on the joint website with Lois Kelly,

Rebels at Work Rebels at Work
by Lois Kelly, Carmen Medina
November 2014
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $25.99

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Ask More Questions and Tell Fewer Lies

2015-03-01 15:15:04

Lois and I made a conscious decision to write Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within for fellow rebels lacking leadership positions in large organizations. There were at least two other audiences we could have written for: The Rebel Manager. Someone actually in a leadership position trying to take an organization in […]

The Stability Trap

2015-01-25 17:15:05

Given my long career at the CIA, I still read widely on international relations and politics. One of the most interesting articles I’ve read in some time just appeared in Foreign Affairs–The Calm Before the Storm–Why Volatility Signals Stability, and Vice Versa.   Trying to figure out when and how a society becomes unstable is the […]

Webcast: Rebels with a Cause: Creating Positive Change at Work
February 18, 2015
In this webcast you will learn how to rock the boat at work and create positive change, without hurting your reputation (or losing your job).