Jay McGavren

Jay McGavren

Ruby developer, online development trainer.

  • @jaymcgavren

Tempe, Arizona

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails

Jay McGavren was doing automation for a hotel services company when a colleague introduced him to Programming Perl (a.k.a. the Camel Book). It made him an instant Perl convert, as he liked actually writing code instead of waiting for a 10-person development team to configure a build system. It also gave him the crazy idea to write a technical book someday.

In 2007, with Perl sputtering, Jay was looking for a new interpreted language. With its strong object-orientation, excellent library support, and incredible flexibility, Ruby immediately won him over. He's since used Ruby for two game libraries, a generative art project, in support of a Java development job, and as a Ruby on Rails freelancer. He's been been working in Rails in the online developer education space since 2011.

Using Blocks in Ruby Using Blocks in Ruby
by Jay McGavren
October 2016
Ebook: $0.00

Head First Ruby Head First Ruby
by Jay McGavren
November 2015
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

Webcast: Leveraging Ruby Libraries
January 26, 2016
In this webcast Jay McGavren will show how to use the powerful functionality built into Ruby, and how to install new libraries with even greater capabilities.