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Press Release: August 16, 2011

One New Imprint -- Three New Titles from Rocky Nook

Santa Barbara, CA, August 16, 2011—Rocky Nook is excited to announce the first three titles in our newest imprint, edition espresso; our new series of little books that keep the content short, strong, and to the point—like a great shot of your favorite espresso. Their small size makes these books perfect to tuck into your bag and read on the go. Read an entire book in one sitting, or just read one tip at a time, digest each concept, and then experiment with your own camera.

Our goal at Rocky Nook is to help our readers become better at what we all love: photography... and we're here to show you the way.

The Perfect Photo: 71 Tips from the Top
By Elin Rantakrans and Tobias Hagberg
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"Perfect" is a purely subjective term when it comes to art. A journey toward the perfect photo is a journey without a defined destination. There are photographs that are technically perfect and others that stand out because of their message or composition. Although the perfect photo remains a matter of taste, it is still something every photographer strives for.

With this volume, Elin Rantakrans and Tobias Hagberg provide the beginning to intermediate photographer a wide range of practical tips that cover capture, composition, and editing—all with the aim of helping you achieve better photos. Each concept is illustrated with beautiful, inspiring images.

Our promise: Use 7 of these 71 tips and you will become a 10% better photographer. Try it!

The Perfect Photo: 71 Tips from the Top
Published by Rocky Nook
978-1-933952-85-7, 128 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
$19.95 US, $22.95 CA

Nature and Landscape Photography: 71 Tips from the Top
By Martin Borg
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What happens when you bring two of your passions together? Magic, of course! Photography offers a perfect outlet for creativity and emotions. Nature provides peace, serenity, and a wellspring of energy. To combine them—to photograph nature—is a unique and fulfilling experience.

In this book, renowned Swedish nature photographer Martin Borg shares his experience and insights along with 71 of his beautiful images that illustrate each point. He offers helpful advice for beginning to intermediate photographers, ranging from technical tips, to aesthetics, to philosophical thoughts on the essence of being a nature photographer.

Nature and Landscape Photography: 71 Tips from the Top
Published by Rocky Nook
978-1-933952-86-4, 128 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
$19.95 US, $22.95 CA

Buying the Right Photo Equipment: 71 Tips from the Top
By Elin Rantakrans
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We've all heard the saying, "Clothes make the man"; but does the photographic equipment make the photographer? One might think so when looking at new advanced cameras, dream lenses, and all the editing software out there. Others might disagree after admiring the wonderful photographs by Henri Cartier Bresson or Edward Weston, which were taken with relatively simple cameras and lenses.

The real questions to ask yourself are: What kind of images would I like to make? And what are all these things that I see advertised as indispensable photo equipment really for?

Geared toward the beginning to intermediate photographer, this book teaches about the variety of photographic tools available and what each is meant to accomplish. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of various pieces of equipment and discover what kind of gear you need to realize your creative ambitions. The book is filled with beautiful images that illustrate how the type of equipment discussed can affect an image.

Buying the Right Photo Equipment: 70 Tips from the Top
Published by Rocky Nook
978-1-933952-84-0, 128 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
$19.95 US, $22.95 CA

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