Designing Great Web APIs

Creating Business Value Through Developer Experience

Designing Great Web APIs

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The number of APIs is growing rapidly. Businesses are using APIs for innovation, integration, and product strategy. This means that APIs aren’t just an IT solution. They involve every aspect of the business. They require a multi-discipline, cross-functional team to deliver APIs that meet the goals of both business and development teams.

Whether you already have an API, are in the process of developing an API, or are just getting started, this report will help you:

  1. Learn how to accelerate API development
  2. Deliver better business value, and
  3. Avoid the pitfalls of a poorly designed API

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James Higginbotham

James Higginbotham

James Higginbotham is an API consultant with experience in architecting, building, and deploying APIs. He is also a speaker and trainer. As an API consultant, he enjoys helping businesses bal‐ ance great API design and product needs. As a trainer, he enjoys equipping cross-functional teams to integrate their talents toward building first-class APIs for their product or enterprise systems.