DevOps for Finance

Reducing Risk through Continuous Delivery

DevOps for Finance

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The stereotype of DevOps is that it is best suited for the free-wheeling, innovation-driven WebOps world where lightning-fast, time-to-market code change defines success. This report is written for the financial services software insider who's heard about DevOps, but is unsure whether it represents solution or suicide.

Author Jim Bird, a financial services software veteran, thinks the overarching focus on DevOps as a speedier time-to-market tool is misplaced. There are more important benefits to using DevOps that are important to any financial services CTO: improving security and compliance, reducing technical risks and operational costs, and increasing transparency.

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Jim Bird

I am an experienced software development manager, project manager and CTO focused on hard problems in software development and program management, software quality and security. For the last 20 years I have managed financial services technology projects around the globe. My professional interests include Agile and Lean development, DevOps, application security, and reliability in complex systems.