Directions to O’Reilly’s Sebastopol Office

1005 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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From San Francisco:

  1. Take US-101 North out of the city.
  2. Continue along US-101 (approx. 55 miles) until the Hwy. 116 West exit towards Sebastopol. (Don’t be fooled by the earlier Hwy. 116 East exit.)
  3. Turn left at the light (at the bottom of the exit ramp).
  4. Continue to follow 116 for approx. 8 miles.
  5. Now you’re in downtown Sebastopol. 116 winds through downtown, taking you past a small shopping center on the right that’s home to Whole Foods. Be sure to turn right at the next light, which keeps you on Hwy. 116.
  6. Follow 116 out of town for approx. 1 mile.
  7. Turn right into the large parking lot with a light gray campus beyond. It’s across the street from Taco Bell.
  8. Welcome to O’Reilly Media.

From the East Bay:

  1. Take I-80 East/I-580 West.
  2. Near University Ave in Berkeley, get in the right lane.
  3. Take the exit ramp towards the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge (toll $5).
  4. Take 101-N towards San Rafael/Santa Rosa.
  5. See the SF directions 2-8.

From the South Bay:

  1. Take US-101 North.
  2. Follow US-101 through the city.
  3. Take 280-North (it will become 19th Ave).
  4. Follow 19th through the city until it becomes US-101 North.
  5. See the SF directions 2–8.