The Animal Menagerie

What’s that animal on the front of your O’Reilly book? You’ll find it listed here.

Learn more about our animal magnetism in A short history of the O’Reilly animals.

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Mobile Design and Development

12-Wired Bird of Paradise

Social eCommerce

Adjutant (Storks)


Aegina Citrea, narcomedusae, jellyfish

Reinforcement Learning

African Black-footed Penguins

JRuby Cookbook

African Civet

Programming C# 4.0

African Crowned Crane aka Grey Crowned Crane

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

African Elephant, young

Semantic Software Design

African Forest Buffalo

UX Research

African Green Pigeon

CSS Refactoring

African Palm Civet

Programming Python

African Rock Python

Google Analytics

African Sacred Ibis

Developing with Couchbase Server

African Soft Shell Turtle

Classic Shell Scripting

African Tent Tortoise