What’s that animal on the front of your O’Reilly book? You’ll find it listed here.

The Animal Menagerie

Learn more about our animal magnetism in A short history of the O’Reilly animals.

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MPLS in the SDN Era

Basket Star (starfish)

Client-Side Data Storage

Non-Striped Ground Squirrel

What's New in Adobe AIR 3

Arched Duck, aka Whistling Duck

Inside Cyber Warfare

Warrior on Horseback

Refactoring JavaScript

Russian Desman (semiaquatic mammal)

Learning XNA 4.0

Sapphirine Gurnard Fish

Making Musical Apps

Superb Lyre Bird, menura superba (antique name)

The Uncertain Web

Oriental Flying Gurnard aka Searobin (Fish)

Windows Server 2012: Up and Running

Dorcas Gazelle, aka Ariel

Developing with Google+

Crested Pardalotte bird

Calm Technology

Sunda Slow Loris

HTML5 Canvas

New Zealand Kaka Parrot