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Istio on Kubernetes: Enter the Service Mesh

For Kubernetes-experienced Developers, hands-on with Istio Service Mesh

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What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

In this session, our mission is to get you hands-on quickly with Istio Service Mesh on top of Kubernetes/OpenShift where we focus on the following: - Installation into a Kubernetes cluster - Deploying containerized apps/microservices with the sidecar - Observability with Grafana/Prometheus/Jaeger/Kiali - Traffic Shaping - Smart & Dark Canaries - Chaos Injection - Circuit Breakers

This course is for you because…

You are an experienced Kubernetes/Openshift application architect or senior developer interested in increasing deployment frequency of your cloud native apps from weeks to days to potentially minutes.


  • Attendees should have attended Safari Live Online training course “9 Steps to Awesome with Kubernetes”, or have significant hands-on experience with Kubernetes/OpenShift with an understanding of Linux containers, Pods, Deployments, Services, Live & Ready probes, etc.
  • You can review the slides for 9 Steps to Awesome at to see if your skills are aligned. The exercises for that course are available on github at

Course Set-up

Recommended Preparation

Kubernetes Cookbook


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing.

Segment 1: Introducing the Istio Service Mesh (50 minutes)

  • Instructor will dive into the challenges associated with microservice architecture as well as managing Kubernetes-based application deployments at scale. A series of demonstrations will illustrate several of the key capabilities provided by Istio over and above a base Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster.
  • Participants will learn how the Istio Service Mesh can fundamentally change the way they build distributed applications (aka microservices) on top of Kubernetes/OpenShift.
  • Q&A (10 minutes) - allowing for some time for attendee setup/configuration support

Segment 2: Observability (10 minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate service mesh observability capabilities such as Grafana, Prometheus, Jaeger and Kiali provide deeper insight into how an application is behaving and performing
  • Participants will learn how to monitor their cloud native applications and containerized microservices

Segment 3: Traffic Shaping - Simple Routing (15 Minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate Istio's ability to modify end-user requests and traffic flow, allowing for incremental introduction of code changes into a production environment.
  • Participants will learn how to use Istio's DestinationRule and VirtualService capabilities
  • Break (10 minutes)

Segment 4: Smart & Dark Canaries - Advanced Routing (25 Minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate Istio's more advanced routing capabilities for even smarter canary rollouts and dark launches
  • Participants will learn how to make routing decisions based on HTTP headers, allow for very fine-grained code change rollouts

Segment 5: Chaos Injection (20 Minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate Istio's ability to inject network faults and delays amongst your distributed application components to see how they behave.
  • Participants will learn how about how distributed applications fail

Segment 6: Circuit Breakers (30 Minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate Istio's network-level protections of circuit-breaking, pool ejection and retries.
  • Participants will learn the advanced techniques for adding robustness and resilience to their distributed application architecture.

Segment 7: Managing Egress (10 Minutes)

  • Instructor will demonstrate how Istio address egress (pod to outside world) network traffic
  • Participants will learn why egress matters and how to open the appropriate channels only when necessary.

Your Instructor

  • Burr Sutter

    A lifelong developer advocate, community organizer, and technology evangelist, Burr Sutter is a featured speaker at technology events around the globe—from Bangalore to Brussels and Berlin to Beijing (and most parts in between)—he is currently Red Hat’s Director of Developer Experience. A Java Champion since 2005 and former president of the Atlanta Java User Group, Burr founded the DevNexus conference—now the second largest Java event in the U.S.—with the aim of making access to the world’s leading developers affordable to the developer community. When not speaking abroad, Burr is also the passionate creator and orchestrator of highly-interactive live demo keynotes at Red Hat Summit, the company’s premier annual event.

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