Introduction to OKRs

Introduction to OKRs

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There’s no question that the goal-setting methodology OKR (Objectives and Key Results) helps companies achieve substantial goals—just ask Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter—but some organizations have struggled to make it work. This O’Reilly report explains how companies use OKRs to create focus, unity, and velocity within their teams, and how your company can succeed with this methodology.

With examples from several companies, including Google, Duxter, and Zynga, author and consultant Christina Wodtke walks you through the process of selecting short and aspirational objectives, along with difficult-but-achievable key results to quantify each objective. You’ll also learn how to inspire team members by baking OKRs into the daily and weekly cadence of your team.

  • Create team objectives that are qualitative, inspirational, time-bound, and independently actionable
  • Quantify and define the success of each objective with three key results
  • Adopt OKRs to help your team achieve focus, alignment, or acceleration
  • Learn a practical method for having your team choose objectives each quarter
  • Track and evaluate OKRs through weekly confidence ratings, Friday "wins" meetings, and end-of-quarter grading
  • Introduce OKRs in your organization gradually to help your team master the process

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Christina Wodtke

Christina Wodtke is coaching, advising, teaching and consulting, with the single goal of bringing great products into the world. As well, she is working on her new book, The Executioner's Tale (working title) about using OKRS (Objectives and Key Results), predictive roadmaps, and a cadence of commitment and celebration to build higher performance teams.

Most recently she led the creation of a social network/gaming platform as a General Manager of at Zynga, she was General Manager of Social at Myspace, Principal Product Manager at Linkedin and Sr Director of Design at Yahoo back when yahoo was pretty neat.

As well, she likes founding things: she founded a startup where she developed the collaborative blogging tool PublicSquare, Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design, and co-founded the Information Architecture Institute. She may found again.

Along the way she wrote the bestselling Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web, and has spoken on the topic of the human experience in information spaces at conferences worldwide. She writes still at