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Page 97
penultimate paragraph - last line

documenation instead of documentation

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks! Corrected in my copy.

Anonymous  Dec 27, 2013 
Other Digital Version
FlipsideViewController.m lines 67, 69-70.

In the example source code project
FlipsideViewController.m lines 67, 69-70.

The code for WHICH==1 contains misleading comments and a redundant timer invalidate in dealloc{} -- dealloc is, in fact, called when we switch away from the FlipSideView.

- (void) dealloc {
// dealloc is never called, we are leaking
NSLog(@"%@", @"dealloc");
// timer is never invalidate, it keeps running
[self->_timer invalidate];

Note from the Author or Editor:
Right you are; those comments are obviously the result of copy and paste from case WHICH==0

Charles Price  Nov 19, 2013