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Other Digital Version
United States

Clicking "Search inside and read" link in my O'Reilly cloud library takes me to

We’re sorry, but the page you’re looking for is either incorrect or no longer available.

I downloaded the pdf, but it'd sure be nice to access in the cloud. (P.S. I emailed a few minutes ago about a similar issue with WordPress for Dummies, 6th edition -- "Search inside and read" link gets me to a hyperlinked TOC, but every TOC link I clicked took me to 500 NOT FOUND.


Rachel Jenkins
Austin, Texas

Note from the Author or Editor:
The URL had spaces in it, which were replaced by %20 and made the link invalid.

This one should work:

Anonymous  Apr 20, 2015 
Page 280
3rd bold text paragraph

"Scare. Limited. Resources." I think "Scare" should be "Scarce"

Richard Murnane  Mar 31, 2015  May 15, 2015
1st picture description text

"Appreciation for increasinely more subtle details"

increasinely should be increasingly

Kelly Bant  Feb 16, 2015  Mar 16, 2015