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Page n/a
First paragraph of "New Library Methods for Strings, Collections, and Files"

The last sentence in the paragraph refers to "Collections" but should be "Collection":

> The implementations might be small, but they do create additional API surface that needs to be maintained and tested. Java 11 adds convenience methods to the String, Collections, and Files APIs.

The link for the term "Collection" should point to instead.

Benjamin Muschko  Mar 26, 2020 
Page n/a
Section "Repeating a string" under "STRING API ENHANCEMENTS"

The method name "renderedInfo" in the code example for the section "Repeating a string" should be named "renderInfo". That's the method name used in the "canRepeatString" test method when invoking it.

For more information, see the corresponding GitHub repository containing all the code for the technology report:

Benjamin Muschko  Mar 26, 2020