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Page 148
Algorithm summary

The summary (pseudo-code) of Dijkstra's algorithm does not keep track of processed/visited nodes.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Here, Dijkstra's algorithm uses a priority queue, PQ, to keep track of all nodes to be processed. Once a node, u, is removed using the getMin(PQ) method, then the shortest distance to the source node, s, is computed in dist[u], and u will not be processed again. There is no need to keep track separately of processed/visited nodes since PQ keep tracks of all the unvisited/yet-to-be-processed nodes.

Anonymous  Jun 26, 2016 
Page 155
Bellman-Ford Summary

The pseudo-code in the summary does not explain that 'n' actually represents the number of verticies.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Correct. 'n' refers to |V| or the number of vertices in the graph.

Anonymous  Jun 27, 2016