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Printed Page 63

On page 63 the authors present some restful principles. The say :
" uri paths that refer to an collection of objects should consist of a plural noun ...".
On the next page (table 5.2) they give an example. Now they are using singular nouns for collections themselves. That's a bit irritating. E.g for me it should be carts and not cart . same for items.

Anonymous  Dec 23, 2015 
Printed Page 35
3rd paragraph

Developers who place their software in the Apple App Store receive 70% of the sales from their products, not 30%.

Michael Bock  Jul 01, 2014 
Printed Page 117
Chart header

It says "Stoies" Delivered instead "Stories" Delivered

Alex Santos  Jun 14, 2012 
Printed, PDF, Other Digital Version Page 69
NPR's Versionless API

You state:

"NPR's Versionless API"

but on the NPR website ( it states:

"With the launch of the new, there are a few changes to the API. Because of these changes, we are incrementing the API version number from 0.92 to 0.93."

Do they use versioning?

I'm developing and need to know :-)

Gavin Henry  Feb 04, 2012 
Other Digital Version Location 52%
In the paragraph that starts "Specifically, these principles suggest..."

You state that "URI paths that refer to a single object should consist of a singular noun followed by a unique primary key. For instance, /customers/Bob to refer to the customer with the primary id of Bob or /accounts/123456 to refer to account number 123456."

However, in both cases you use a plural noun (customers, accounts). Judging by the entry for REST on wikipedia, the plural noun usage is correct, thus it is the description in the text that is incorrect and it should be changed to "a plural noun followed by a unique primary key".

For newbies trying to learn the right thing this is very confusing.

But please do let me know if I am mistaken.

Note: I am reading this on the Kindle, so I don't have a page number for you - it is location 1665.


PS - Enjoying the book thus far

Richard Berger  Jan 04, 2012