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PDF Page 98
1st paragraph

"First, we are checking the configuration of this map to see if the it should geolocate the user when they view it."

This sentence would read a little better by removing an unnecessary "the".
Specifically, change "to see if the it should geoocate" to "to see if it should geolocate".

Ken Ricklin  Mar 07, 2012 
Other Digital Version 68
United States

Step 9 reads as "... tick the Attribution, Popup..."

Should it read as: "... tick the Layer Attribution, Popup..." ?

Ken Ricklin  Feb 23, 2012 
Printed Page 30
Step 8 of "Adding geographic data..."

'In the Widget drop-down, choose "OpenLayers map."'

But the OpenLayers module is only introduced by name on p. 21 and was never downloaded, installed, enabled or configured in any instructions until p. 47!

Chris Pitchford  Jan 13, 2012