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PDF Page 22
Figure 2-11

When I try to run this code:

l2 <- sapply(l1, function(x) { ## no livro código é "sapply(l1, function(x) {"
nr <- nrow(x)
x$bubble <- numeric(nr)
x$bubble[1] <- x$gate[1] ## start somewhere
for (i in 2:nr) {
x$bubble[i] <- x$gate[i] +
as.numeric(x$gate[i] >= x$bubble[i-1])
#se mudou de porta, mudou de bubble também
simplify = FALSE)

RStudio shows this error:
Error in numeric(nr) : invalid 'length' argument

I think the list should be used is "l1", rather than "l".

Anonymous  Nov 17, 2017 
Printed Page 28
first paragraph under Figure 3-2

The arrow assignment operator has a keyboard shortcut Alt+- (and not Ctrl+-).

peter mossel  Jun 16, 2016 
Mobi Page 27
R Script Files, last paragraph

All appear under the Edit menu item, should instead be All appear under the Code menu item.

lee170  Feb 25, 2013 
Mobi Page 26
Automatic Insertion of Matching Pairs

Third item in list should be a brace {, but double brackets are shown instead [[.

lee170  Feb 25, 2013