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Printed Page 92
2nd paragraph.

IUnder "Adding and manipulating Fonts" title at the second sentence it is said that the headers that Ubuntu font will be applied are h1, h2, h3 and h4 but there is no h4 in the code, I guess it should be h5 instead of h4.

Taylan Karaman  May 13, 2017 
PDF Page 223
Last block of code, in the second half of the page

In the following function:

> var clubs = [];
> ["two", "three", "four", "five"].forEach(
... function (rank) {
... cards.push( { "rank":rank, "suit":"clubs" } )
... });
> clubs
"rank" : "two",
"suit" : "clubs"

In order to include all the elements inside the "clubs" variable, later displayed, the core of the function should be:

... clubs.push( { "rank":rank, "suit":"clubs" } )

Xavier Gómez  Nov 23, 2016 
Printed Page 137
1st paragraph

The "for" loop listed on pages 136-137 does not change the active tab upon clicking on it. The reason for that is that we do not enter the loop every time a tab is clicked, so the value of the tabSelector variable remains ".tabs a:nth-child(3) span" after we execute the loop the first time. From that point on, regardless of which tab we click, the last tab will always be selected as active.

Alex Shkiler  Sep 04, 2016 
Printed Page 219
Code block

Variable "redisClient" declared, but the redis client is instantiated to (previously undeclared) global variable "client".

Zach Schmidt  Dec 26, 2015 
PDF Page 225
3rd line

The fix I had to apply was combining:

npm install express@3


npm install express --no-bin-links

to result in

npm install express@3 --no-bin-links

mondoleo  Oct 09, 2015