The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

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Printed Page 22
Section titled "Controlling pyximport and Managing Dependencies"

All usages of ".pyxdeps" should be replaced with ".pyxdep"

Anonymous  Sep 07, 2017 
Printed, PDF Page 87
6th paragraph

page 87, paragraph after `add_momentums` source code, replace

the call to get_momentum is a fully general Python attribute
lookup and call


the call to add_momentums is a fully general Python attribute
lookup and call

Within a discussion on differencing cpdef against def function, this confusion is particularly misleading.

zitor  Aug 31, 2016 
Printed Page 54
Last line before first C code sample

The plus in
'Let's look at the generated C code that computes a + b:'
should be an asterisk
'Let's look at the generated C code that computes a * b:'

The rest of the example refers to the multiplication of a and b.

Henning Timm  Oct 08, 2015 
Printed Page 94
last code sample

The last line of this code sample should be changed to following:

cdef class E:
cdef int data
def __init__(self, d): = d
def __add__(x, y):
if isinstance(x, E):
if isinstance(y, int):
return (<E>x).data + y
elif isinstance(y, E):
if isinstance(x, int):
return (<E>y).data + x
return NotImplemented

Anonymous  Sep 13, 2015 
Printed Page 56
last code sample

struct mycpx {
int a;
float b;

should be:

struct mycpx {
float real;
float imag;

Anonymous  Sep 13, 2015 
PDF Page 168
last paragraph

You use variable "func" in the text, but you use variable "f" in the program listing. So, "func" should be "f"? "func" is also used in first paragraph of page 169.

Anonymous  Apr 23, 2015 
Printed Page 93
First code sample

In the definition of the momentum property the 'def' before the __get__ method is missing.

Henning Timm  Apr 16, 2015 
PDF Page 45
Last paragraph

"We have to create a temporary so that".

Seems like "variable" or "object" is missing behind temporary.

Anonymous  Jan 13, 2015 
PDF Page 6
Last paragraph

Paragraph begins with: Is is

Anonymous  Jan 13, 2015