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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

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PDF Page 122
2nd line of the query at the bottom of the page

(:Person) should be (:User)

corrected version:
MATCH p=(subject)-[:WORKED_WITH*0..1]-(:User)-[:WORKED_WITH]-(person:User)

(This is the only query in this section without a line-by-line explanation, so I thought it would be worth correcting the typo.)

Also, the "Authorization and Access Control" example in the following section of Chapter 5 consistently uses the label :Admin in all of the figures and queries, but describes the nodes as "labeled Administrator" (in bold, per the constant width bold convention that shows commands or other text that should be typed literally by the user), but at least this is consistent within this section.

Anonymous  Mar 20, 2019 
PDF Page 131
Fig 5-10

It seems to me that the Company node 'Aquired Ltd.' should not be highlighted as being a portion of the graph matched, because of the WHERE clause that excludes it.

The third bullet on page 125 says "But despite this being an inheritable relationship, Liz cannotmanage Acquired Ltd or Subsidiary because Group 5, of which Liz is a mem‐ber, is DENIED access to Acquired Ltd and its children (which includes Subsidiary)."

Likewise, the Group node with id:5 should be grayed out?

Anonymous  Nov 08, 2018 
PDF Page 29
Last paragraph

The text says: "uses these three clauses" but in the query only there are two clauses (MATCH and RETURN).

Here’s an example of a Cypher querythat uses these three clauses to find the mutual friends of a user named Jim:

MATCH (a:Person {name:'Jim'})-[:KNOWS]->(b)-[:KNOWS]->(c),

Carlos  Sep 05, 2018 
PDF Page 45
Cypher Sample

The last line of the cypher statement is missing parantheses and must be:

Karsten Thoms  Feb 05, 2017 
PDF Page 48
Paragraph before code example

The MATCH example that follows is described as, "finds all the Shakespeare performances at Newcastle's Theatre Royal". In fact, the MATCH discovers the distinct names of the Shakespeare plays performed at said theater.

Sam Lowry  Aug 19, 2016 
PDF Page 45
United States

The relationship from Review to Performance is specified on page 42 in Figure 3-6 and on page 43 (second paragraph from the bottom) as REVIEW_OF. In the CREATE statement on page 45, the relationship is defined as (review)-[:RATED]->(performance1) and should be instead defined as (review)-[:REVIEW_OF]->(performance1).

Miguel  Dec 27, 2015 
PDF Page 46
1st paragraph

Original text:
For example, (shakespeare)-[:WROTE_PLAY {year:1599}] ->(juliusCaesar) creates a WROTE relationship from Shakespeare to the play Julius Caesar.


pp50 correctly uses WROTE_PLAY as the relationship.

Tully Ernst  Sep 14, 2015