Transforming our in-person events to online

We’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel all future O’Reilly in-person conferences, including O’Reilly Open Source Software (OSCON). Instead, we’ll continue to invest in and grow O’Reilly online learning, supporting the 5,000 companies and 2.5 million people who count on our experts to help them stay ahead in all facets of business and technology.

Come join them and learn what they already know. Become an O’Reilly online learning member today and get innovative ways to connect with and learn from each other—including topic-specific live online sessions and interactive training courses in software development. Even when face-to-face gatherings are impossible.

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Fueling innovative software

Software development is changing fast. O’Reilly online learning is the go-to source for developers to see what’s shaping software development today—from AI and cloud to data-driven apps and distributed computing—and learn how to put it to work for you. Join us today to start learning how to:

  • Build products, ranging from IDEs to subscription TV services, that may live on a device, incorporate voice or AI, or deal with real-time data streaming.
  • Make choices that affect, well, everything: You’ll discover the best frameworks, languages, tools, and architectures for your needs (and ensure they play well together).
  • Work in a cloud environment that isn’t always open source friendly (and make solid decisions on tough questions like hybrid or multicloud).
  • Implement technologies like Kubernetes and TensorFlow.
  • Understand the risks you take when data isn’t open (or when it is).
  • Know how AI and machine learning can make or break your code.

Software development is more complicated today, but it’s also more exciting. If you want to build resilient, useful, innovative software, join us on O’Reilly online learning.

Open Source Software online events

Immerse yourself in live online sessions and interactive training courses solely focused on the most critical topics facing developers today. These events are limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction. So join O’Reilly online learning to reserve your spot today.

Test-drive the latest tools

Get a clear, vendor-neutral comparison of the latest tools and technologies you need to make solid decisions and deliver flawless software, and the chance to test-drive them in live interactive environments. From emerging languages and frameworks to cloud and AI—if it’s enabling advancements in software, it’s covered in our Open Source Software live online events.

Overcome your biggest hurdles

The most brilliant software can be hamstrung by the most mundane obstacles. Our Open Source Software online events offer clear advice on avoiding bottlenecks, concise executive briefings to help you build solid tech strategies, and case studies that detail how others overcame the same hurdles you face. So you can focus on innovation, not irritation.

New ways for sponsors to make connections

If you were looking to sponsor an O’Reilly event for lead generation, we’ve put together some great solutions to help drive revenue—no costly expo booth required.

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