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We’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel all future O’Reilly in-person conferences, including O’Reilly Software Architecture. Instead, we’ll continue to invest in and grow O’Reilly online learning, supporting the 5,000 companies and 2.5 million people who count on our experts to help them stay ahead in all facets of business and technology.

Come join them and learn what they already know. Become an O’Reilly online learning member today and get innovative ways to connect with and learn from each other—including topic-specific live online sessions and interactive training courses in software architecture. Even when face-to-face gatherings are impossible.

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Software architecture is at the core of nearly every area of technology—and the breadth of knowledge required to be successful continues to expand. You have to leverage newer trends while accommodating legacy code and systems. That’s where O’Reilly online learning can help. Come get the knowledge you need to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing field.

Senior developers, engineers, and software architects count on O’Reilly to help them learn new skills and technologies with a focus on microservices, cloud computing, and product design and development—as well as emerging trends in AI, machine learning, and data analytics. Whether you’re a seasoned architect or aspiring to become one, O’Reilly online learning is designed to help you level up.

Software Architecture online events

Immerse yourself in live online sessions and interactive training courses solely focused on the most critical topics facing architects today. Each event is limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction. So join O’Reilly online learning to reserve your spot today.

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The architecture upon which your business systems are built can give you a serious competitive edge, but only if you execute it well. Through talks and hands-on interactive training courses, you’ll get the depth and breadth of knowledge you need to set your organization up for success.

Make more confident choices

There are countless decisions to make. Some of the industry’s top architects show you the trade-offs of each and teach you how to tie your decisions to business value and communicate them effectively to all stakeholders.

New ways for sponsors to make connections

If you were looking to sponsor an O’Reilly event for lead generation, we’ve put together some great solutions to help drive revenue—no costly expo booth required.

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