10 top AWS resources on O’Reilly’s online learning platform

Our most-used AWS resources will help you stay on track in your journey to learn and apply AWS.

December 19, 2018
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We dove into the data on our online learning platform to identify the most-used Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. These are the items our platform subscribers regularly turn to as they apply AWS in their projects and organizations.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide — This official study guide, written by AWS experts, covers exam concepts and provides key review on exam topics.

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Amazon Web Services AWS: AWS Fundamentals — Richard Jones walks you through six hours of video instruction on AWS with coverage on cloud computing and available AWS services and provides a guided hands-on look at using services such as EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and more.

AWS System Administration — Federico Lucifredi and Mike Ryan show developers and system administrators how to configure and manage AWS services, including EC2, CloudFormation, Elastic Load Balancing, S3, and Route 53.

Serverless Architectures on AWS: With Examples Using AWS Lambda — Peter Sbarski teaches you how to build, secure, and manage serverless architectures that can power the most demanding web and mobile apps.

Learning AWS, 2nd Edition — Amit Shah and Aurobindo Sarkar help you become well-versed with the various services that AWS provides and show you how to use AWS infrastructure to accelerate the development process.

Automation in AWS with CloudFormation, CLI, and SDKs — Richard Jones covers AWS services and tools used to automate the creation and maintenance of AWS infrastructure, including VPC, EC2, Lambda, RDS, and deploying containerized microservices with Docker.

AWS: Security Best Practices on AWS — Albert Anthony focuses on using native AWS security features and managed AWS services to help you achieve continuous security.

Amazon Web Services in Action — Michael Wittig and Andreas Wittig introduce you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud.

AWS CloudFormation Master Class — Stéphane Maarek teaches you to write complete AWS CloudFormation templates using YAML and covers all the recent CloudFormation features.

AWS Lambda in Action: Event-Driven Serverless Applications — Danilo Poccia offers an example-driven tutorial that teaches you how to build applications that use an event-driven approach on the back end.

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