Announcing Cassandra certification

A new partnership between O’Reilly and DataStax offers certification and training in Cassandra.

By Ben Lorica
May 26, 2015

I am pleased to announce a joint program between O’Reilly and DataStax to certify Cassandra developers. This program complements our developer certification for Apache Spark and — just as in the case of Databricks and Spark — we are excited to be working with the leading commercial company behind Cassandra. DataStax has done a tremendous job growing and nurturing the Cassandra community, user base, and technology.

Once the certification program is ready, developers can take the exam online, in designated test centers, and at select training courses. O’Reilly will also be developing books, training days, and videos targeted at developers and companies interested in the Cassandra distributed storage system.

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Cassandra is a popular component used for building big data and real-time analytic platforms. Its ability to comfortably scale to clusters with thousands of nodes makes it a popular option for solutions that need to ingest and make sense of large amounts of time series and event data. As noted in an earlier post, real-time event data are at the heart of one of the trends we’re closely following: the convergence of cheap sensors, fast networks, and distributed computation.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been impressed with the growth in interest in Cassandra. There are fast growing community gatherings all over the world — including large meetups in the SF Bay Area and a 3-day summit in September. I’ve also been hearing from many more companies about Cassandra use cases through conversations and proposals to our Strata + Hadoop World events.

Chart courtesy of DataStax.

If you want to learn more, or if you wish to signup for updates, please visit our Cassandra Certification page.

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