How to craft a voice user interface that won’t leave you frustrated

Design principles for creating a truly conversational UI.

August 10, 2017
Johann Philipp Reis telephone Johann Philipp Reis telephone (source: Wikimedia Commons)

In this video excerpt, Cathy Pearl discusses the reality of conversational design and some of the principles we can apply to our designs to make voice user interface interactions truly more conversational and more natural.

View the full Learning Path to learn best practices for designing today’s VUIs, whether for mobile apps or home assistants like the Amazon Echo. Cathy Pearl explores what “conversational” means, and if it really matters when you’re just trying to help a user get something done. You’ll leave with practices for designing VUIs you can put into place immediately, including confirmation strategies; how to deal with speech recognition failures; and tips for prototyping, disambiguation, and keeping track of conversational context.

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