How to find the right guidance on software architecture

Take these learning paths through O’Reilly’s upcoming Software Architecture Conference in New York City.

By Rachel Roumeliotis
February 23, 2016
A path through the woods A path through the woods (source: O'Reilly Media)

According to CNN Money/PayScale, software architect is the No. 1 job in America due to “big growth, great pay and satisfying work.” Add in new techniques and trends like microservices, reactive, and containerization and I think we can all agree, it’s a good time to be involved in software architecture.

Our upcoming software architecture conference focuses on the skills needed for all of those individuals working in and around software architecture, not just those with the official job title of “software architect.” And those skills are many! So, regardless of your title—solutions architect, developer, team lead, or devops engineer—be sure check out the paths you can take through the conference April 10-13 in New York City. I hope to see you there!

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Welcome to management—and decision making

If you are involved in the larger development and design of your company’s software architecture then you are probably making decisions, and lots of them. You’re bombarded by questions like: Which framework should you use? Should you scrap what you currently use and move to microservices? The following sessions will touch upon specific choices as well as ways of thinking through all of the decisions.

Monday, April 11

Integration architecture with Java EE and Spring

Awesome postmortems

Tuesday, April 12

Road traffic analysis and agile architectures

Let’s not rewrite it all

Leading with simplicity

Wednesday, April 13

Butterfly in reverse: From SOA to Monolith

Reverse-evaluating Netflix’ architecture

Is transitioning to microservices the right move?

The option of having a software architecture that is fluid, responsive, and portable is now possible, but is it right for your company? Microservices might be the answer, but there are also times when a traditional monolithic architecture is still the best choice. Learn more about microservices, so you can decide when—and if—to make the switch.

Sunday/Monday April 10 & 11

Building microservices with Docker

Monday, April 11

Microservices Workshop

Tuesday, April 12

Containers and Microservices: New ways to deploy and manage applications at scale

Wednesday, April 13

The microservice state: the inevitable challenges of a more connected government

Software architecture: Beyond the basics

See what’s happening on the cutting edge. Stop by these tutorials and sessions to immerse yourself in solid software architecture techniques and tactics.

Monday, April 11

Zen of architecture

Architectural Katas

Tuesday, April 12

Architecture without an end state

Wednesday, April 13

Maneuverable architecture

Creating resilient, robust, and reliable software architecture

If your architecture needs to scale, process tons of data, and service an ongoing influx of consumers, then you should be looking at reactive design and development of your architecture. Event-driven architecture needs to turn on a dime—these sessions will give you insight into this technique.

Tuesday, April 12

Patterns of resilience – stories about robust software design

It probably works

Wednesday, April 13

An introduction to reactive applications, reactive streams, and options for the JVM

Designing a reactive data platform: Challenges, patterns and anti-patterns

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