Jupyter Digest: 8 May 2017

Opinionated Docker stacks, Jupyter Themes, Jupyter in the bank, and Zuckerberg's man in the lab.

By Andrew Odewahn
May 8, 2017
Jupyter Digest. Jupyter Digest.
  • Docker Stacks. An array of “opinionated stacks of ready-to-run Jupyter applications in Docker.” Basically, it’s a collection of layered Dockerfiles that progress from a minimal notebook through a basic setup for data science all the way to a full PySpark setup. If you’re sick of struggling with trying to configure your machine—or worse, someone else’s machine—this is an absolutely invaluable resource.
  • Jupyter Themes. Tired of your notebooks looking like something designed by a bunch of Python programmers and scientists, and not designers? (Because, in fact, that’s exactly what they are?) Then Kyle Dunovan’s (@dunovank) jupyter-themes project is for you. With just a simple pip install and a single command, you can set up shop next to all those be-bearded Sublimesters in Brooklyn and they’ll never know the difference.
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  • Jupyter & Python in the corporate LAN. Olivier Borderies provides an overview of how Jupyter and the SciPy stack in general are being deployed at a European investment bank.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s man in the lab: ‘I want science to happen faster’. A profile of Jeremy Freeman (@thefreemanlab), neuroscientist inventor of the binder project and now manager of computational biology at the Chan Zuckerberg Institute (CZI).
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