Learn about serverless with these books, videos, and tutorials

This collection of serverless resources will get you up to speed on the basics and best practices.

October 12, 2018
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Whether you’re just getting started with serverless or you have previous experience, you’ll find something useful on this list of serverless resources.

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Getting started with serverless

Use this introductory material to get up to speed on the basics of serverless.

An Introduction to Serverless — In this short overview, Mike Roberts introduces the concepts behind serverless architectures.

What is Serverless? — Mike Roberts and John Chapin take you through the serverless landscape—particularly the design considerations, tooling, and approaches to operational management you need to make it work.

Learning Path: Getting Started with Serverless — Sam Newman demonstrates the benefits of serverless and provides overviews of function as a service (FaaS) and back end as a service (BaaS).

Implementing serverless

These resources outline best practices for incorporating serverless into your organization.

Learning Path: Migrating Microservices to Serverless — Sam Newman guides you through the many serverless frameworks that are currently available so you can choose the one that’s best for your organization.

Serverless Ops — Michael Hausenblas explores several use cases where serverless is a great fit—primarily short-running, stateless jobs in event-driven architectures found in mobile or IoT applications.

Going Serverless: Security Outside the Box — Jack Naglieri and Austin Byers explore tools and techniques for successfully building, deploying, and debugging serverless security applications.

Lessons Learned from Operating a Serverless-like Platform at Scale — Sangeeta Narayanan shares insights from operating Netflix’s customizable API, which allows the creation of optimized experiences on 1,000+ devices through a serverless-like platform and experience.

Building and Running Serverless Data Pipelines on AWS — Mike Roberts walks through a real-life example of a platform that was rearchitected to provide increased data capacity, reduced cost, and an improved development cycle time.

Microservice Orchestration for Serverless Computing — Cathy Zhang explains how service graphs address the challenge of creating and managing microservice applications.

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