Mark Wright and Darren Beck on the IoT and sustainability

The O’Reilly Hardware Podcast: How connected devices are leading to energy and cost savings.

By Brian Jepson
October 26, 2016
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In this episode of the Hardware Podcast, I speak with Mark Wright, director of product management at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, and Darren Beck, author of the newly-published O’Reilly ebook “Smart Business: Gaining an Edge Through IoT-Powered Sustainability.”

Beck describes how the IoT can help small businesses save energy and money by highlighting hidden inefficiencies, and Wright talks about how a platform can help companies that want to take advantage of IoT to enable increased efficiency.

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Discussion points:

  • How IoT devices can help companies use less electricity, natural gas, fuel, and water
  • How the interoperability of various connected devices will positively impact energy savings
  • How businesses can integrate IoT features into their own products

We also walk through the scenario of the deployment of a smart sprinkler system, looking at a company’s business considerations, hardware needs, the potential insights from data analysis, and the need for a platform to provide security, cloud services, and app development.

Other links:

The stories of a few of the companies mentioned in Beck’s “Smart Business” report are discussed in the podcast, including Big Ass Fans, Plotwatt, and FLUID, all of whom have developed innovative energy monitoring and saving devices.

This post and podcast are a collaboration between Samsung and O’Reilly. See our statement of editorial independence.

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