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AI and machine learning

Beginning Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, February 6

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Intermediate Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, February 13

Introducing Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker, February 19

Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch: Complete Artificial Intelligence Series, February 20

Reinforcement Learning: Building Recommender Systems, February 24

Advanced Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, February 27

Artificial Intelligence: AI For Business, March 4

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP): Complete Artificial Intelligence Series, March 5

Minimum Viable Machine Learning, March 9

Machine Learning for the Enterprise, March 17

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview of AI and Machine Learning, March 17

Deep Learning for Everyone, March 27


Introducing Blockchain, March 2


Succeeding with Project Management, February 11

Business Fundamentals, February 24

60 minutes to a Better Prototype, February 24

90 minutes to Better User Stories and Backlog Management, February 28

60 Minutes to Better Email, March 2

Scrum Master: Good to Great, March 2

Meet the Expert: Liz Fong-Jones on Cultivating Production Excellence, March 2

Job Search Strategies: How to Identify and Land Your Next Job, March 3

How to be a Better Mentor, March 4

Managing Your Performance Review in 90 minutes, March 5

Unlock Your Potential, March 10

Mastering Microsoft Excel Charts, March 11

Fundamentals of Learning, March 13

Having Difficult Conversations, March 16

Hands-on Algorithmic Trading, March 16

Leadership Communication Skills for Managers, March 17

Negotiation Fundamentals, March 18

Meet the Expert: Sam Newman on Transitioning to Microservices, March 18

Project Management Fundamentals, March 19

Mastering Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, March 19

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, March 23

Introduction to Critical Thinking, March 23

Product Management in 90 Minutes, March 24

Performance Goals for Growth, March 24

Introduction to Kanban, March 25

Introduction to Time Management Skills, March 25

Data science and data tools

IoT Fundamentals, Febraury 20-21

Probability with Python: Essential Math for Data Science, February 27

Introduction to Interactive Data Visualization with Python, March 3

Getting in Front on Data Quality, March 3

Statistics and Hypothesis Testing with Python: Essential Math for Data Science, March 4

Getting Started with PostgreSQL, March 10

Business Data Analytics Using Python, March 11

Getting Started with PySpark, March 12

Intermediate SQL for Data Analysis, March 16

Text Analysis for Business Analytics with Python, March 18

SQL Fundamentals for Data, March 18-19

Building Intelligent Analytics Through Time Series Data, March 19

Visualization in Python with Matplotlib, March 19


Concurrency in Python, February 7

Building an E-commerce Website with the JAMstack, February 12

Reactive Spring Boot, February 14

Python Testing, February 24

Functional Programming in Java, February 24-25

Design Patterns Boot Camp, February 26-27

Getting Started with Spring and Spring Boot, February 26-27

Programming with SQL, February 27

Java Essentials: Start Building Your Own Java Applications, March 3

Introduction to the Go Programming Language, March 3

Programming with Python: Beyond the Basics, March 3

Quantitative Trading with Python, March 4

Reactive Spring and Spring Boot, March 4

Jupyter Notebook Foundations, March 5

Kotlin + Spring Boot Essentials, March 5

Practical Go Modules, March 6

Object-Oriented Programming in Python, March 10

Angular Next Steps: Patterns for Clean Code, March 10

Programming with Data: Advanced Python and Pandas, March 10

Threading in Python, March 11

Python-Powered Excel, March 11

Spring and Functions—Implement Once Execute Anywhere!, March 11

Design Patterns Boot Camp II, March 12

Next-generation Java Testing with JUnit 5, March 12

Advanced Web Scraping, March 12

Python for DevOps, March 13

Introduction to the Bash Shell, March 13

Ansible in 4 Hours, March 16

Serverless Java with Quarkus, March 18

Building Web Apps with Vue.js, March 18

Automating with Ansible, March 18

Discovering Modern Java, March 18

Agile Code with TDD and Kata, March 19

Basic Introduction to Quantum Computing, March 19

Getting Started with Python 3, March 19-20

Using Ansible Tower, March 20

Full-Stack React: Build and Publish a Modern Web Application, March 20

How the Internet Really Works, March 20

JVM Threading, March 23

What’s New in Java, March 23

Modern Java Exception Handling, March 24

Design Patterns Boot Camp, March 24-25

Functional Design for Java 8, March 25-26

Mastering the Basics of Relational SQL Querying, March 25-26

Getting Started with OpenShift, March 27

Creating Robust React Apps with Redux, March 30

Learn Linux in 3 Hours, March 30

Bash Shell Scripting in 4 Hours, March 31

Functional Programming with JavaScript ES6+, March 31


CISSP Crash Course, February 13-14

Ethical Hacking Bootcamp with Hands-on Labs, February 19-21

CISSP Exam Preparation: Applying Cybersecurity Best Practices in Every Domain, February 26-27

Expert Transport Layer Security (TLS), February 27

Cisco Security Certification Crash Course, February 28

Build Your Own Cybersecurity Lab and Cyber Range, March 3

Azure Security Fundamentals, March 4

CISSP Exam Preparation: Building a Practice of Mapping Threats to Controls, March 4-5

Intense Introduction to Hacking Web Applications, March 6

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Crash Course, March 12

Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, March 12-13

Continuous Encryption on AWS, March 19

Introduction to Encryption, March 24

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Crash Course, March 24-25

CISSP Exam Preparation: Practicing the CISO Skill Set Using Case-based Learning, March 25-26

Cybersecurity Offensive and Defensive Techniques in 3 Hours, March 31

TCP/IP Fundamentals, March 31

Fraud Analytics using Python, April 22

Infrastructure and operations

Getting Started: Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator, February 5

Introduction to Knative, February 10

Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Architect Certification Prep, February 12

Python for DevOps, Febrary 12

A Practical Introduction to DevOps, February 13

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: Cisco CLI and Packet Tracer Basics, February 13

Container and Kubernetes Essentials, February 18

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: Switching, VLANs, and VLAN Trunking, February 20

AWS Design Fundamentals, February 24-25

Introduction to Jenkins, February 25

Azure Architect Certification (AZ-300) Crash Course, February 26

Docker: Beyond the Basics (CI & CD), February 26-27

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: Rapid Spanning Tree and EtherChannel, February 27

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform, March 2

Amazon Web Services: AWS Managed Services, March 2-3

From Developer to Software Architect, March 2-3

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Crash Course, March 2-4

Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) Crash Course, March 3-4

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: IPv4 Addressing and Static Routing, March 4

Git Fundamentals, March 4-5

Building a Deployment Pipeline with Jenkins 2, March 4-5

Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator Crash Course, March 4-5

Network DevOps, March 5

Introduction to Docker CI/CD, March 5

Continuous Compliance on AWS, March 5

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Crash Course, March 5-6

Agile for Everybody, March 9

Comparing Service-based Architectures, March 9

Docker for JVM projects, March 9

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services (AWS), March 9-10

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Prep Session, March 10

Managing Containers on Linux, March 10

Building Micro-frontends, March 10

GCP Certification Prep Crash Course: Associate Certified Cloud Engineer, March 11

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: OSPF Concepts and Configuration, March 11

Introduction to Kubernetes, March 11-12

AWS Monitoring Strategies, March 11-12

Microservices Caching Strategies, March 12

Automating Architectural Governance, March 12

GCP Certification Prep Crash Course: Professional Cloud Developer, March 13

Microservices with Spring Cloud, March 13

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) Crash Course, March 16-17

Rethinking REST: A Hands-on Guide to GraphQL and Queryable APIs, March 17

Microservices Architecture and Design, March 17-18

Introduction to Docker Compose, March 18

Practical Docker, March 19

Web Refactoring into Testability, March 19

Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Architect Certification Prep, March 19

Beginning Splunk, March 20

Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Crash Course, March 23-24

Microservice Collaboration, March 24

Architecture Foundations: Styles, Patterns, and Tradeoffs, March 24

Introduction to Docker Images, March 24

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: DHCP, DHCP Snooping, and DAI, March 25

Developing Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile, March 25

Microservice Decomposition Patterns, March 25

Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Crash Course, March 25-26

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), March 25-26

Google Cloud Platform—Professional Cloud Developer Crash Course, March 26-27

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive: NAT and NTP, March 31

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