OSCON in Amsterdam 2015 livestream

Watch keynotes from OSCON in Amsterdam 2015.

October 26, 2015
Amsterdam Amsterdam (source: O'Reilly)

The OSCON in Amsterdam 2015 livestream has concluded. Highlights from the event are available in the player above.

You can also sign up for the event’s video compilation and watch the following keynotes:

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The evolution of evolutionary architecture — Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology Officer, ThoughtWorks

Introducing the Seif Project — Douglas Crockford, Senior JavaScript Architect, PayPal

Docker security — Nils Magnus, Member of the Board, Director Events, LinuxTag Association

Enough foundations already! — Simon Phipps, Wipro Open Source Practice, Wipro

Programming as performance: Live coding with Sonic Pi — Sam Aaron, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

AB testing: Test your own hypotheses, and prepare to be wrong — Stuart Frisby, Principal Designer, Booking.com

Privacy: The next frontier — Ari Gesher, Engineering Ambassador, Palantir Technologies

Kubernetes: Changing the way we think and talk about computing — Mandy Waite, Developer Advocate, Google

Bootstrapping a business around open source — Ninh Bui, Co-founder and CEO, Phusion; Hongli Lai, Co-founder and CTO, Phusion

Growth Hacking: Data and Product Driven Marketing — David Arnoux, Head of Growth, Growth Tribe

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