Sanjit Biswas on industrial sensors

The O’Reilly Hardware Podcast: The business of building, marketing, and deploying sensors in tough environments

By Jon Bruner
February 10, 2016
Proximity sensor. Proximity sensor. (source: Joongbae Kim on Wikimedia Commons)

In this episode of the Hardware Podcast, David Cranor and I talk with Sanjit Biswas, founder and CEO of the industrial sensor company Samsara, about the industrial sensor market, sensor design, and bringing ancient industrial control systems into the modern world.

Discussion points:

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  • The challenges of making modern systems work with ancient industrial control systems already in the field
  • The process of designing temperature sensors for heavy-duty deployments, including environmental constraints, firmware, testing, and necessary certifications
  • Price sensitivity in the industrial sensor market; Samsara is one of several interesting startups that make it practical for mid-size businesses that haven’t been previously automated to add sensors

We like to ask our guests about the tools they depend on; Biswas’ are: Solidworks plastics, Eagle for circuit board design, Go, and Embedded C.

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