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By Allyson MacDonald
March 8, 2016
Sextant Sextant (source: Pixabay)

It’s 2016, and two things are very certain: the Web has grown up and it moves incredibly fast. While fifteen years ago JavaScript was still in its early days and mostly used to glue things together in the browser, today things are much different. JavaScript is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages, and HTML5, CSS, and other core technologies making up the modern Web have matured with it.

Given the rate of change in the Web ecosystem, we’re launching our inaugural Web Developer Salary Survey to give us a better picture of this space. The goal of this survey is to identify key trends, assess the tools market, determine what skills correlate with higher salaries, and help demystify titles in the industry (fullstack developer, anyone?).

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As the technology that powers websites and web apps grows more complex, it becomes increasingly important for developers to understand each other’s roles—whether they’re focused primarily on frontend, backend, or mobile web development. While many recent surveys have focused on the frontend, with the Web Developer Salary Survey, our goal is to identify trends across the wider Web developer community. Whether you’re a UI developer skilled in Bootstrap and jQuery or a backend developer diving into Rails and Laravel, we want to hear from you. Take the survey now.

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