Thriving in a post-browser world

How can web professionals succeed in a world where the browser is declining in relevance? (Hint: Specialize.)

By Jonathan Stark
June 27, 2017
Old computer monitors Old computer monitors (source: INESby via Pixabay)

For decades, every networked computing device has had a graphical web browser installed by default. With the rise of mobile computing, wearable tech, and the Internet of Things, this is no longer a safe assumption. Jonathan Stark explores what web professionals can do to thrive in a world where the browser is declining in relevance.

This excerpt from Jonathan’s full talk explores what web developers can do to today: specialize, specialize, specialize. The day of the generalist is done, and it’s time to develop horizontal specialization. Jonathan suggests JavaScript, CMS, and Rest.

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Topics from the entire session include:

  • 6 skills that won’t go out of style for at least a decade.
  • How to succeed in an industry that changes almost daily.
  • Why the browser is declining in relevance (and why it’s no big deal).
  • What the digital landscape will look like in the next few years.
  • Where the web is going.

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