Vote for the OSCON 2018 Open Source Awards

Cast your vote for the top open source projects and communities through June 29.

By Rachel Roumeliotis
June 6, 2018
Trophies Trophies (source: Pixabay)

We’ve made big changes this year to our Open Source Awards. We want to celebrate the communities of contributors that make open source run. At this year’s OSCON, we are focusing on open source projects and their communities that have had:

  • The most impact this past year
  • A breakout year
  • An overwhelming impact on open source since its inception

Oh, and there is one more big change: you—yes, you—get to vote! Voting is open now through June 29, and awards will be announced and presented at OSCON during the morning keynotes on Thursday, July 19.

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Most Impact Award

This award goes to the project that has made a significant impact to how software is being written and applications are being built in the past year. As with all open source projects, it started with an idea and the passion of a few individuals but has now made its way to being a project that many look to use, fork, or contribute to, as it is core to software development practices today.

Here are the nominees:

Breakout Project of the Year Award

This award highlights a project that may have been growing slowly over five years or has been around just a few short months but is breaking out in a big way over the past year. These projects have reached a tipping point and are now not only bubbling up in conversation, but are being implemented in and around projects.

Here are the nominees:

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award goes to an open source project that has had a part in defining what open source means and over the years has seeped into the fabric of how software is developed.

Here are the nominees:

Voting is open through June 29.

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