What can I do with Security+ certification?

Learn about the possible career opportunities once you have become Security+ certified.

By Ric Messier
May 2, 2017
Screen from "What can I do with my Security+ certification?" Screen from "What can I do with my Security+ certification?" (source: O'Reilly)

The field of information security is growing fast; and becoming certified helps anyone, even with limited experience, create more job opportunities. Ric Messier explores some of the possible career paths available once you have obtained a CompTIA Security+ certification, whether you are an aspiring security engineer, security analyst, or any of the other numerous roles in the world of information security. With the increased demand for information security specialists, becoming CompTIA Security+ certified greatly enhances your career prospects.

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Ric Messier is an author, consultant, and educator who holds GCIH, GSEC, CEH, and CISSP certifications, and has published several books on information security and digital forensics. With decades of experience in information technology and information security, Ric has held the varied roles of programmer, system administrator, network engineer, security engineering manager, VoIP engineer, consultant, and professor. He is currently a Director for Cyber Academic Programs at Circadence and was formerly the Program Director for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics at Champlain College.

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