What is an API?

Learn the basics of application programming interfaces (APIs), their purpose, and the key concepts underlying the technology.

By Kevin Bowersox
May 18, 2017
Screen from "What is an API?" Screen from "What is an API?" (source: O'Reilly)

APIs (application programming interfaces) define how developers can programmatically interact with an external application. Software developer, Kevin Bowersox, outlines the basics of APIs including: the purpose of an API, important API concepts such as interfaces, real world application of APIs, and how developers can leverage APIs to build applications more quickly.

Dive deeper into APIs with our Designing Web APIs Learning Path. With the growing use of mobile devices, software-as-a-service, and the Internet of Things, APIs have become a critical part of a company’s digital strategy, allowing businesses to share capabilities and data, build community, and foster innovation.

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