Fast Data: Smart and at Scale

Design Patterns and Recipes

Fast Data: Smart and at Scale

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The need for fast data applications is growing rapidly, driven by the IoT, the surge in machine-to-machine (M2M) data, global mobile device proliferation, and the monetization of SaaS platforms. So how do you combine real-time, streaming analytics with real-time decisions in an architecture that’s reliable, scalable, and simple?

In this O’Reilly report, Ryan Betts and John Hugg from VoltDB examine ways to develop apps for fast data, using pre-defined patterns. These patterns are general enough to suit both the do-it-yourself, hybrid batch/streaming approach, as well as the simpler, proven in-memory approach available with certain fast database offerings.

Their goal is to create a collection of fast data app development recipes. We welcome your contributions, which will be tested and included in future editions of this report.

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